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What We Do

Wealth Management Overview

At AmeriFlex®, we believe in engaging our clients throughout the wealth management process in such a way that they feel empowered by the knowledge that their financial future is ensured. There is never a question to the service we provide or the value our partnership offers.

  • Aggregate. By working with you in a collaborative effort, we make it easy to aggregate your financial information in one safe place so that you can see how your entire financial life can be integrated together. We help you to create an active symbiotic relationship between your life goals, financial goals, and the design of your investment portfolio.
  • Educate. By educating you on the factors that impact your financial future, we help you develop the confidence necessary to make important financial decisions.
  • Simplify. By providing you with your own Personal Financial Website and Financial Plan that is automatically updated, you have the ability to easily run a “what if” scenario for any important life or financial decision you are considering.

The first step in our wealth management process is to develop a deep understanding of your situation through our conversations and meetings with you. From these discussions, we will craft a personalized investment strategy that we believe reflects the values and goals of your long-term financial plan. And our wealth management process does not end after the implementation of your financial plan. We will continue to monitor, review and make adjustments to your portfolio and plan as necessary to provide you with the means to successfully reach your goals.

Transitional Planning

Our Wealth Management Team specializes in providing services to individuals and families with assets in one of the following life transitions:

  • Retirement – Assist clients to stack income sources to meet retirement needs, and how to leave a legacy to loved ones or charitable interest
  • Business Owners – Coordinate various professionals to manage before, during, and after a business liquidation or sale
  • Change in Marital Status – Assist to understand the financial impacts of a settlement agreement, and how to protect and grow their assets
  • Inheritance – Identify what actions you may need to take, what to expect, and strategies for handling your inherited assets.
  • Sale of Real Estate – Assist to understand the financial impacts of a potential sale or exchange of real property
  • Job/Career Transition – Aggregation of retirement accounts and investment management needs

We help you navigate through these transitional periods with our knowledge, experience, and integrity.

Investment Management

Together, we will review your financial plan and investment portfolio and make adjustments based on your circumstances and input – only when you are confident and satisfied with our recommendations will we implement the plan as discussed. Below are the six steps of our process:

  1. Determine investor needs and objectives.
  2. Assess risk tolerance and investor suitability.
  3. Review asset allocation and investment styles.
  4. Implement a strategic plan.
  5. Rebalance and monitor portfolio.
  6. Comprehensively report the results.

Types of Investments and Accounts

  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchanged Traded Funds
  • Index Funds
  • Individual Stocks
  • Corporate & Municipal Bonds
  • Private Equity
  • Hedge Funds
  • Real Estate, REITS
  • CDs & Money Market
  • Trust Accounts
  • SEPS, IRAs & Roths
  • Endowment Operating and Capital Accounts
  • 401Ks & Profit Sharing Accounts
  • Keogh Retirement Plans
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans
  • 529 College Accounts & UTMAs
  • Corporate Cash Management Accounts
  • Corporate Investment Accounts
  • Insurance

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